Marketers Rely on Account-Based Marketing to Drive Pipeline and Revenue Goals, New RollWorks Survey Confirms

Account-based marketing platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, today announced the results of a semi-annual survey designed to assess B2B marketing priorities and ongoing challenges. The new study finds that marketers rely primarily on ABM to increase ROI and meet pipeline and revenue goals.

“Marketers accept that ABM is an efficient and effective marketing strategy that focuses on engaging the right accounts at the right time, across various marketing channels. Market success is not defined by the few who agree on a definition, but rather by a focus on ABM’s very clear value in helping create the most effective sales strategy that drives growth at scale,” said Darragh Fitzpatrick, CRO at RollWorks.

The critical role of ABM in key initiatives and challenges

B2B marketers have indicated that they increasingly rely on ABM to support important initiatives. Respondents said they are turning to ABM to increase ROI and meet pipeline and revenue goals (72%), followed by faster sales cycles (53%), as well as supporting faster growth and bridging the communication gap between marketing and bridging sales (48% respectively).

Yet nearly half of respondents said they deliver personalized and relevant ad experiences to the right people on sites they spend time on (44%), achieve the right goals on sites they spend time on (43%), and scale – or I ABM programs (42%) were the biggest challenges in implementing their ABM strategy.

Hyperfocus on understanding the intent of accounts in the market

Many B2B organizations realize that ABM means efficiency and accuracy can coexist. Respondents indicated that their top two priorities are the intent or understanding of which accounts are in the market to buy a solution like theirs, even if they have never liked the solution (48%), and advertising and other forms of customer engagement. 40%).

Doubling on digital and webinars

In the last six months of the survey, respondents said they are increasingly investing in digital advertising and webinars, with nearly 80% of respondents doubling in digital advertising and 43% investing in webinars. Interestingly, only 18% (25% less than webinars) said they invest in virtual events.

Respondents have increasingly adopted HubSpot over the past six months, with two-thirds of respondents indicating that HubSpot is their primary CRM. RollWorks’ integration with HubSpot provides marketers with easy-to-use end-to-end solutions to empower their account-based strategies, enabling teams of all sizes to identify suitable accounts and buyers and deliver effective results and measure the impact. The integration, which has given most go-to-market teams consolidated account-level visibility, is an effective illustration of the collaboration between ABM and CRM to deliver insights to revenue teams of all sizes. The survey, conducted from March to September 2022, surveyed nearly 200 B2B sales and

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