In order to fulfill the rising need for go-to-market experience, Momentum ITSMA launches a new purchase.

Momentum ITSMA is pleased with the acquisition of B2B consultancy OneGTM. OneGTM specializes in helping B2B technology companies plan and execute a successful go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

The acquisition, part of Momentum ITSMA’s efforts to expand and deepen its services for B2B marketers, will meet the needs of GTM expert clients at a time when the industry is changing and growing partner ecosystems add new complexity and risk to Law Suit.

As customer value chains are reinvented and the number of partners is expected to grow 10-fold over the next five years, nearly half of B2B CMOs see partner improvement as a key growth strategy.

Marketing leaders must orchestrate the alignment of partners across the indirect customer lifecycle, from beginning the buyer’s journey to ensuring a successful customer life.

When acquiring, customers have a proven track record of:

  • Develop resilient and flexible SSM strategies that span extensive partner ecosystems
  • Organize channel alignment throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Increase customer relevance with industry- or industry-focused GTM programs
  • Take advantage of profound, account-based growth opportunities to enrich the customer and partner experience
  • Maximize your marketing technology investment
  • Develop the internal teams needed to deliver effective SSM strategies

The OneGTM team will join Momentum ITSMA’s suite of world-class growth advisory services, with their GTM expertise fully integrated into our clients’ offerings.

In addition, OneGTM’s technology customer base in Europe and the US reflects Momentum ITSMA’s strategic focus areas.

Phil Brown, CEO of OneGTM, will bring more knowledge to the Growth Hub, providing members of our unique global B2B marketing community with access to a proven GTM expert.

“Given the complexity of the market entry challenges our customers to face, they need to be able to tap into a wide range of skills and knowledge and operate in a fully aligned manner.” Membership in Momentum ITSMA allows our clients access to a much more comprehensive range of skills in key areas such as market research, account-based growth strategies, and marketing skills development. We are very excited about the opportunity to be part of the world’s leading growth consulting company,” said Phil Brown.

Alisha Lyndon, CEO of Momentum ITSMA, said, “We have been listening very closely to what customers are saying and it is clear that there is a growing need for a deeper market experience for advisors and analysts.”

Alisha Lyndon, CEO of Momentum ITSMA, said: “We have been listening very carefully to what customers are saying and it is clear that there is a growing need for more in-depth market knowledge from consultancies and analysts. The acquisition of OneGTM is lost.”

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