More than 235 million global business contacts have been added to ZoomInfo.

ZoomInfo, a global leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence, today announced that its global contacts database has grown to more than 235 million business-to-business (B2B) professional profiles, including more than 145 million contacts in markets outside the United States

ZoomInfo’s rapid expansion, combined with massive investments to ensure data integrity and privacy compliance around the world, empowers companies to reach their next customer more effectively and securely, wherever they operate.

“We are proud of our privacy-compliant, comprehensive B2B data,” said Kirti Patel, Senior Director of Data Engineering at ZoomInfo. “Whether a client is looking for local opportunities in a specific country or expanding their reach into foreign markets, ZoomInfo can provide depth and accuracy with a commitment to compliance.”

This year alone, the company has added nearly 60 million job profiles to its RevOS platform. More than two-thirds of these profiles come from countries outside the US, including significant growth in the UK, India, and Canada. In addition, ZoomInfo now has detailed and accurate data on over 100 million companies worldwide.

ZoomInfo is committed to growing your data assets responsibly. The company applies rigorous verification methods to ensure data integrity and compliance with international regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union and other local policies.

ZoomInfo uses automated technology to fill in gaps in contacts or company profiles so they are complete and up to date. This artificial intelligence (AI) is complemented by a team of more than 300 researchers who proactively collect and verify data. These additional levels of verification include emailing privacy statements to data subjects and validating each data point with a comprehensive multi-step process.

Access to ZoomInfo’s comprehensive global data allows sales teams to more effectively reach potential customers’ buying committee members no matter where they work, while marketing leaders can customize their account-based marketing campaigns for specific locations. Operations teams can discover new strategic insights in their addressable global marketplace, and talent acquisition managers will have a much wider pool of candidates to choose from when trying to fill international roles.

“Whether in Europe or the US, ZoomInfo data is solid and reliable, and it fits perfectly into our technology stack,” said Harry Hembrow, director of sales at Dragonfly AI, a neuroscience and artificial intelligence company. “Our original goal was to create an outbound function that focused on sales activities like pairing and connecting rather than manual activities that would slow us down. Thanks to ZoomInfo, we do just that and continue to achieve new goals.”

Visit the ZoomInfo data hub to learn more about the data available on ZoomInfo and the benefits it offers companies of all sizes around the world.

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