TechTarget’s Priority Engine Platform’s most recent release includes prospect-level purchase intent data for the healthcare sector.

TechTarget, Inc., a global leader in purchase intent data and services for B2B technology, today announced that it has launched the Healthcare Priority Engine™ to help sales and marketing teams leverage their intent data for potential customers to drive greater procurement opportunities and pipelines to provide groups of primary health care companies. This new offering provides direct access to Xtelligent Healthcare MediaTM (acquired August 2021) and the combined audience of Health Technology TechTarget and business decision-makers in a single SaaS solution, providing tailored insights specific to healthcare-focused B2B organizations.

“Being able to provide our customers with primary intent data related to the broader healthcare technology and information audience on the web is a true game-changer in our industry,” said Sean Brooks, co-founder of Intelligent Healthcare Media. “Sales and marketing teams now have direct access to entire healthcare procurement teams, including physicians, line-of-business and IT executives, to find more opportunities and accelerate the technology business.”

These new improvements:

  • Add thousands of new accounts and 400,000+ new leads to Priority Engine to provide greater visibility and resources to interact with end-to-end procurement teams across the interconnected healthcare ecosystem including providers, healthcare systems, payers, products pharmaceuticals, life sciences Life, Responsible Care Organizations, and Federal/State Health Bodies. This includes 90% coverage by US health care systems.
  • Provide better access to business decision-makers directly involved in purchasing health services. Intelligent Healthcare Media’s audience comprises more than 70% of business and financial executives and physicians critically involved in the increasingly complex purchases of healthcare technology.
  • Provides highly relevant and personalized intent insights into current interest, content consumption, and engagement of healthcare technology buyers at the account and lead levels to help marketing and sales teams convert more leads and accelerate business with one outreach more informed, personalized, and timely.

TechTarget’s purchase intent analysis is extremely powerful because of the way it is performed and delivered to B2B technology vendors and marketers. Gain insights into the Priority Engine platform through in-depth vendor original and editorial content covering thousands of unique IT and business topics across TechTarget’s network of more than 150 technology-specific sites and 1,125 channels. As business technology procurement teams grow and procurement becomes more complex, we provide the information and resources to help each team member conduct research and make decisions.

Priority Engine for Healthcare helps TechTarget continue to grow and help its customers succeed in a relevant adjacent market with a high degree of complexity and purchasing dynamics.

“By expanding the amount of relevant consent-based purchase intent data our customers can access and by providing a full range of marketing, sales, and go-to-market services to attract real buyers, we help businesses around the world. in this market,” said Michael Cotoia, CEO of TechTarget. “As a leader in B2B business technology coverage for over 20 years, combined with very close collaboration with our nearly 3,000 customers, TechTarget has a unique understanding of purchasing dynamics across all major market sectors. Our experience positions us well to drive our model into adjacent verticals with similar characteristics to enterprise B2B technology: long/complex sales cycles, large purchases, more purchasing team members, and a strong need for third-party data to enable the team to make marketing and sales – just like we did in the healthcare industry.”

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