Generation Story Study: Many extra free college activities Application and enrollment during COVID-19 Disease.

Genesis Career College writes the key to success amidst coronavirus pandemic

Genesis Career College offers nine health and medical programs, as well as beauty and wellness centers. In addition to the Northeast State, it has, in addition to Southeast State campuses, adjacent to the Loraines Academy in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Woodruff Medical in Tucker, Georgia. Although campuses offer different programs, they all have one thing in common: the desire to reach more students so that they can provide their better paid and rewarding career opportunities. To support this growth, the multi-page career college knew it had to rely on impressive leadership generation campaigns.

His marketing goal had always been simple: increase the number of registrations each month.

Working with ABM (formerly SEO My Business) of 2015, the College of Applied Sciences began using a full-service digital marketing strategy in 2019 – including paid and organic social media, search engine optimization research paid research, web copy, and email marketing. To achieve these KPIs.

Strategy for 2020

The first step in a successful lead generation campaign is to consider potential issues. For Genesis, he provided reporting tools, analytics, website experience, call tracking, and submission of forms. Without accurate reporting and analysis, you will not be able to measure success or see where performance needs to be improved. SEO My Business talked about the digital presence of a career school on multiple sites and transformed its website and digital marketing channels into functional and progressive platforms.

2020 and the future of a lead generation

When the world wrestled with COVID-19, Genesis Career College knew growth had to continue.

This means three turning points in the original digital marketing strategy:

1. Ensure the safety of the students during the opening

2. Update your website to make it more user-friendly and navigable

3. Create relevant information content from the perspective of the pandemic

First, in the midst of the pandemic, the safety of new and returning students and administrators had to be guaranteed. This meant that meetings had to be made available and information was easily accessible online. The virtual world also needs a website that goes beyond usability; with the help of SEO My Business developers and content producers, Genesis, along with other digital channels, has launched a brand new affiliate website.

The Results

In May 2020, Genesis Career College had significantly better performance:

The total number of impressions increased by 148% compared to the previous year and the total number of registrations by 15% in the same period.

The lead generation campaigns in 2020 also increased the number of clicks year over year by 84% and Genesis qualified leads by 18.25%.

While success in the midst of a global health crisis is rare, Genesis Career College is proof of that. The multi-seat career college remained vibrant with a full-service office and continued to offer its services to new applicants.

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