Lead Nurturing & Acceleration Benchmark Survey 2021: Entry into the modern age with targeted, account-based lead maintenance

In this year’s research and quick analysis of the year, the results have made a significant contribution to improving the backbone and natural path that results from its formation. With the development of life and its plans, it becomes the most important and at the same time a challenge.

In fact, 56% of respondents said their performance was not good / needed or needed improvement, while 84% said that developing life was a challenge or challenge. This suggests that while it is still the focus and focus of the campaign, external factors are making it increasingly difficult to attract leads and therefore seek a more modern approach.

Due to topics such as short-term digital attention and diverse recruitment of people, teams have to be creative and develop their own way to conduct training in a well-structured manner.

In this story we dive into the new world of life development and focus on:

• Dealing with the challenges of modern marketing strategies;

• The need to register and connect with customers in a timely manner;

• Switch to developing a warmer, more prepared retailer;

• The need for content that is critical to promoting the campaign; and

• Extend business cycle time and increase the number of touchdowns.

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