SEO Case Study: Increasing Visibility and Volume for a Top Staffing Agency in the Southeast

The importance of a “great and local” SEO strategy is essential to increase traffic, conversions, and revenue

Hire Dynamics has consistently won top recruiting agency and “best job” in Atlanta, Georgia, and across the country in many areas. Along with the pride of the title “Best Personnel Company” – more precisely, among the top five in the US 10,000 – it had a unique culture of performance and customer loyalty.

On the digital side of things, though, Hire Dynamics needs a boost. Those who are familiar with the company know the benefits, but there are many eyes to identify the company staff.

Challenges: visibility and quantity

To stay on top and stay on top, Hire Dynamics faced two obvious challenges: visibility and volume can be greater.

At this point, the company continued to leave search traffic in other metro areas in Georgia and neighboring states. Not to mention that this website is not optimized for mobile traffic. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Strategy: Go local and big

With the help of ABM (formerly SEO My Business), Hire Dynamics has implemented a two-way approach to achieve its goals.

1. Increase the visibility and volume of your search results and conversion rates across many previously unused geographic areas

2. Optimize the SEO performance of this redesigned responsive site to maintain the original high ranking (and traffic volume) of Atlanta-based searches

Within four months, ABM created 68 geo specific landing pages designed to organically rank and record new traffic and convert highly localized searches. These searches include terms such as “best staffing agency in Morrow, GA” or “temporary agency in Charlotte.”

When creating the pages, this targeted campaign includes:

• Writing unique content for each landing page, the content is overhauled to allow the team to update pages that initially performed poorly

• Link all 68 spaces to the nearest Hire Dynamics local office site (one of 13 offices)

• Creates hyper local links for geographic areas outside the local office area – gives the geo specific authority more authority than the headquarters site


Initially, Hire Dynamics and ABM called for this technique to increase traffic growth by 20% and conversions (as staff requests) by 20%. Preliminary keyword research has shown that hiring dynamics can see an increase in location-based traffic, while analytics data indicate a similar increase in total conversation growth.

In fact, the results of this campaign exceeded the set goals. In fact, they blew them into the air.

The results

Hire Dynamics has seen massive growth in traffic, staff, actual staff, revenue, and enough new businesses to support office expansion across borders.

We divide success by numbers. After working with ABM, Hire Dynamics…

Traffic growth 212%

183% increase in conversations

Revenue growth 30%

80% of Google’s top 5 geographic pages

141 additional staff requests were processed

Set 600 Temps per day Yo-yo

Won 277 new customers this year

Open in two new major markets: Charlotte and Nashville

35 new internal staff were added this year

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